Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Proximal Abandonment

It's been a month since my birthday. Well, technically, 28 days since February is an odd month. I haven't even posted anything on February due to a number of reasons too trivial to be even worth mentioning. It's nothing but a blunt example of procrastination.

Anyway, my birthday wasn't really special. Even more so since I stopped celebrating the moment I turned 18. It was just another year of my life, passing like nobody's business. Same old, same old. Surprisingly, a lot of people I didn't expect would remember my date greeted me, flooding my Facebook wall with generic hallmark messages of warm fuzzy feelings. But then again it was probably Facebook who reminded them about it. Whatever, I still appreciate it somehow. I wasn't really aware of how much people I know until that day though. Considering I only talk to a selected few on a daily basis. That said life has been as normal as before.

I also started collecting records, as I stumbled upon a record store in Shibuya while hanging out with a couple of friends. I found a few good stuff for reasonable amount of moolah. I felt satisfied with my purchase. It was all good. Let's hope for more awesome records to come. I think I'll commit to this from now on, it's a fun, albeit expensive, hobby..But overall enjoyable nonetheless.

And now it's March. Jeez. How time flies. Such a chronological thievery it is. And I just feel like I want to disappear from the face of the planet. I wish I could take a vacation in Pluto. I wish.


  1. Wonder if Pluto has a Monetary System, I like your new hobby Mia.

  2. I bet you have a pretty cute vagina, just saying.

  3. I want to lay you spread eagle on the bed and start by licking your tiny little asshole. I wanna work my way up until your dripping wet. And just as you begin to shiver in excitement and those goosbumps run down your back i will fill you with the great gift of all...ME!. Then you will know how amazing conformity is. It is only through conformity that you discover the true gems of our society ;)